UCOSP Eclipse Weekly Update, Week 5

What I’ve done

  • Achieved a passing build and reapplied previously applied patches on branch master.  Removal of duplicate antrunner plugin declarations applied cleanly but removal of “replace” tasks required an update due to moves that made the patch outdated.
  • Started work on removal of ant from eclipse.platform.repository and launcher-binary-parent, still WIP.
  • Commented on Issue 400250 to indicate my interest in being a committer.

What I’ll be doing

What’s in my way

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UCOSP Eclipse Weekly Update, Week 4

What I’ve done

  • Brushed up on Ant
  • Analyzed usages of the maven-antrun-plugin and documented in Design Document
  • Continued trying to verify patches previously created
  • Contributed to cbi-dev discussion

What I’ll be doing

What’s in my way

  • The CBI build is frequently in an unstable state…  I haven’t been able to build successfully in over two weeks.
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UCOSP Eclipse Weekly Update, Week 3

What I’ve done

  • Redid patch for duplicate antrun-plugin removal (Issue 397446) on branch master
  • Redid patch for Ant “replace” changes (part of Issue 399150) on branch master

What I’ll be doing

  • Submit those new patches to bugzilla
  • Move on to another Ant goal, perhaps swtdownload or move
  • Update design document with status log

What’s in my way

  • The CBI modules are frequently checked in with breaks
  • The build was dependent on >=jdk1.7.0_11; this did not seem to be communicated
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UCOSP Eclipse Weekly Update, Weeks 1-2

What I’ve done

  • Worked on the Project Proposal: completed everything except for the schedule (still planning out the workload)
  • Created Issue 399150 to track progess
  • Struggled to build on my work environment, devised a solution by deviating from the wiki instructions (will try to find the right avenue for disseminating the solution)
  • Analyzed the uses of the maven-antrun-plugin to determine the operations in use
  • Converted Ant replace goals with maven filtering operations

What I’ll be doing

  • Wrap up the replace removals
  • Move on to another Ant goal, perhaps swtdownload
  • Generate a new patch for Issue 397446 against branch master

What’s in my way

  • Issue 397446 is outstanding; would be helpful if the patch were merged in
  • Counter-maven configuration in the CBI is slowing progress [hard to find change results in the build artifacts].  Andrew said he would introduce Kristoff.
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Calling all Riders

This is a short one.  I’m just posting to promote my motorcycle for sale: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/bnc/mcy/3405742353.html

Returning readers may remember some of my posts about this bike.  The Slut, as I liked to call it, was a wonderful motorcycle.  I only planned to ride it for a couple thousand kilometers, but ended up putting about 7500km on it since the end of July.  If I could afford to own and store two motorcycles at the same time, I’d keep this after getting something bigger.  Every other CBR125 owner has said the same thing, it’s just that awesome.

Anyways, I’m looking for about $1800, but I’m accepting offers.  Know somebody who wants to start riding or needs a daily commuter?  Pass on the word.

NB, found some cool ratings: http://www.bikez.com/bike/rating.php?idbike=27726

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Cheating, Seriously

I’ve been at Simon Fraser University for a while now.  I think I’m technically in my sixth year now, though I’m probably considered a fourth year student in the university’s books.  Part of the reason I’ve been here for so long is because I’ve worked while going to school since the beginning of my post-secondary academic career.  A few of those jobs – and even more volunteer positions in extra-curricular groups – have been at SFU.

In the six years I’ve been at this school, I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around its halls, rooms, and labs.  Something that used to amaze me was how blatant the cheating was.  I’ve sort of come to just accept that it happens frequently.  Bulletin boards almost 50% covered by essay, thesis, and assignment writing services; students viewing answer guides on lab computers; even note passing and cheat sheeting in exams.  These just scrape the surface of the cheating that I’ve witnessed within the walls of SFU.  Having been a TA, I’ve even seen a staggeringly high number of assignments that clearly came directly from the answer guides.

As a student, I am really offended by the cheating that happens.  I feel powerless here.  I was heavily involved in university politics for more than half my university career and still, I don’t have a single idea how to make it stop, how to penalize those that cheat.  Unfortunately, I think everybody else is just as stumped for a solution.  Got some ideas?  Let me know.

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Number 26

I haven’t posted anything in a while.  The reason is likely because this is the last required post for CMPT 376, this is number 26.  It’s also partly because I’ve been really busy with several other things over the past few weeks, the most recent being today’s hack day.  I’ll have more on that later this week.

A boring little post, I know.  I’d rather catch up on some sleep though, I’ll fill you in on the other stuff tomorrow.

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