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I spent most of the afternoon preparing for EP’s upcoming Hack Day.  This entailed mostly research on IKEA and a lot of time frittered away while working on a presentation to tell a user story.  The reason I spent so … Continue reading

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New Tires at TBC

TBC Indoor Racing recently announced that they had received some bad tires a while ago and were replacing them this week.  I decided to go out for a few races tonight so I could test the new rubber.  David and … Continue reading

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What a Day…

I took the day off today.  About a month ago, I decided that I would take some time off around my transition from the PD to CS department.  Unfortunately, we got into regression testing and I changed my plans to … Continue reading

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Soccer Night

We played game two of the Fall season tonight.  The EP soccer team, that is.  I joined the team for the Fall, not quite sure what to expect.  We won our first game 1-0 against the Turfinators, a great feeling … Continue reading

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Hack Day!

When Tom and I first interviewed with EP last summer, the interviewers told us both about their occasional hack days.  Of course, we both jumped straight to hacky sack, but quickly realized that they meant something else.  Hack days are … Continue reading

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My New Phone

Today I bought a new phone, a blue 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3.  I was about a year and a half early for my Rogers hardware upgrade, so the total cost came to about $350;  I would have liked to pay … Continue reading

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The Aftermath

I’ve been meaning to perform some bike maintenance for the last few days and decided today that after yesterday’s ride, it was time to get it done.  Last night, my odometer rolled over 10,000km, which was nearing its 4,000km oil … Continue reading

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